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LJW Permanent Cosmetics

LJW Permanent Cosmetics is a professional beauty clinic located located in the heart of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire hidden away from all the hustle and bustle. The clinic has been providing beauty services for over 24 years. They specialize in PMU lash enhancementsmicroblading, and digital machine techniques to give you a more youthful and structured look. Their services include eyebrow tattooingdermaplaning, lash lifts, microneedling/collagen induction therapymicropigmentationlash enhancement, and medical tattooThe clinic is licensed with the local council and uses only the best micropigmentation tools and pigments.


LJW Permanent Cosmetics offers a range of treatments to enhance your natural beauty. They can help you achieve perfectly shaped eyebrows, a natural-looking lash line, or even a more defined flick.

A Lash Enhancement not only opens, widens, and brightens the eye area but can also give the illusion of thick and voluminous lashes. A lash enhancement with a choice of soft shading or tiny dots between the lashes gives the appearance of thicker-looking lashes and also gives definition to the eye.  Choose from a subtle lash enhancement to a small line and flick, either top or bottom lash line, or both.

A subtle colour achieved with a lip blush can give your lips a more even shape. Their permanent cosmetic lip treatments can help the shape of the lips and make them appear fuller.

LJW Permanent Cosmetics is located in the heart of Cheltenham, hidden away from all the hustle and bustle.


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