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About Us

About Us

The effects of permanent makeup are numerous 


Always wanted perfectly shaped brows?

Fed up of pencilling your brows in?

Want a natural looking lashline or even a more defined flick?

Love that dark line at the root that appears after an eyelash tint?

Would love to have a defined lipline or a beautiful lip stain colour?

Lost brow hair through over plucking or illness?


All these can be achieved with permanent cosmetics. Giving you more confidence to face the world everyday & saving time applying make-up. Beautiful brows frame your face, giving you a more ‘groomed’ look. And a lash enhancement can really bring out the colour of your eyes. We can also apply coloured lash liner to compliment your eye colour. Whilst a subtle colour achieved with a lip blush can give your lips a more even shape.


In the heart of Cheltenham, hidden away from all the hustle & bustle. Here at LJW Permanent Cosmetics, we pride ourselves on using only the best micropigmentation tools & pigments in the industry. We are licenced with the local council.

las enhancement


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Eyebrows give shape and definition to your face & a more ‘groomed’ tidy look.


Permanent cosmetics can provide you with the perfect brows regardless of the natural growth of your brow hair or eyebrow shape (& no, you do not have to shave your own brow hair off!)


Eyebrows can become sparse due to a variety of reasons, such as over plucking, ill health or they can simply deteriorate with the ageing process.


So if you long for perfectly shaped eye brows you can choose the style that will be suitable for you and restore the appearance of realistic looking brows. The stunning shape and extra definition will frame you face for a more youthful look.


You can choose from a natural hair stroke effect or a combination effect (this is a more dense defined look).

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Lips are one of the most noticed features of our face so most of us long for naturally full lips and the perfect pout.


Permanent cosmetic lip treatments can help the shape of the lips. It can be used to improve the definition to the lips and also makes them appear fuller.

Lashline Tattoo, Lash Enhancement, PMU Cheltenham, PMU Gloucestershire, SPMU, Tattoo, Lash Tattoo,
Lash Line

This treatment is suitable for anyone that wants to enhance their eye shape, size and colour.


Permanent eye liner not only opens, widens and brightens the eye area but can also gives the illusion of thick and voluminous lashes.


A lash enhancement with a choice of soft shading or tiny dots between the lashes, which gives the appearance of thicker looking lashes and also giving definition to the eye.


Choose from a subtle lash enhancement to a small line & flick. Either top or bottom lashline, or both.

LJW Permanent Cosmetics

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18, Regent Street


GL50 1HE

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